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Dr. Andrews and Biogenics Research Chamber Publish Dust Mite Study

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April 15, 2015...In this month’s issue of The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Dr. Robert Jacobs, a Principal Investigator for the Biogenics Research Chamber, is the first author of “Symptom Dynamics During Repeated Serial Allergen Exposures to House Dust Mite.” Allergy to house dust mite is the most common allergy that causes nasal and eye symptoms.  Exposure to house dust mite is also a risk factor for developing asthma. Because the mite is present in most homes and buildings, it is very difficult to study targeted treatments for the allergy in natural settings. The antigen challenge chamber provides consistent selected antigen exposure to a group of allergic participants involved in studies of therapies for allergic symptoms. In this longitudinal study, performed in conjunction with Dr. Sunil Ahuja and his team from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, exposure to dust mite caused major nasal and eye symptoms in allergic persons while non-allergic control persons experienced minimal symptoms. Exposures were performed for three hours at a time over a four day period. After a 38 day observation phase, the four day exposures were repeated. Symptoms during the two sets of exposures over four days each were comparable, suggesting that this model of dust mite allergy can be successfully utilized to study therapeutic benefits of both medications and vaccines targeting this allergy. 


About the Company:

Biogenics Research Chamber located in San Antonio, Texas has the only large permanent pollen exposure testing facilities in the United States. Dr. Robert Jacobs, Dr. Daniel Ramirez and Dr. Charles Andrews are the owners and Principal Investigators. The two separate facilities each have large chambers capable of testing up to 60 allergic participants at a time and also moderate sized chambers for specialty testing. All four chambers utilize unique engineering and antigen delivery systems. Compared to natural seasonal and perennial allergy studies, the chambers offer controlled conditions without pollen or antigen concentration variation and weather interruptions. Proof of concept, dose-ranging, and onset of action studies are performed for pharmaceutical and vaccine trials.